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February 1, 2013

MUST READ: iPhone 5 "Limted Edition" Pink And Gold Version Are Fake, Don't Get Cheated

(GSM Insider) - MUST READ: iPhone 5 "Limted Edition" Pink And Gold Version Are Fake, Don't Get Cheated.

We are not sure whether you see before the iPhone 5 which is said to be the Limited Edition or Christmas Edition iPhone 5 that comes with two colors - Pink and Gold. If you never see before or hear before, never mind. This post is perfect for you to learn something new or the latest trend. 

At online stores in China, you can easily found iPhone 5 which is said to be the "limited edition" or "Christmas edition" as it is available in pink and gold. GSM Insider believes that the pink version will soon rename as the "Valentine's Day edition". No matter what edition, those versions are just fake. REAL FAKE. 

I'm not kidding anyway as Apple never releases iPhone 5 with such colors and limited editions iPhone 5. iPhone 5 that selling across the world only available in white and black only. Don't believe any shit about limited edition iPhone 5. 

Those who are selling the iPhone 5 Pink version used to say that it is only 9999 units available worldwide. So its considers as the limited edition. But how true is this? 

Chinese website, MyDrivers successfully found out the truth about the limited editions iPhone 5. Besides the iPod that available in multiple colors, you can hardly find any iPhone or iPad with colorful design at the official website. After checking at the serial number of those iPhone 5 Pink and iPhone 5 Gold, they are actually the white version. So nothing different and they are just "normal edition" and not what "limited edition". 

Actually, the iPhone 5 Pink and iPhone 5 Gold are "created" by the Chinese retailers that want to earn higher profits. So they changed the casing or sprayed new colors to the device and "created" the limited edition. It is so simple and can be done in a few steps. 

The iPhone 5 Pink and iPhone 5 Gold are selling at the price of RMB $6000 ($954) for the 16GB version while the iPhone 5 white and black are selling at the price of RMB $5288 (850). You can see how much they earn by cheating the customer. PLEASE NEVER BUY ANY UNAUTHORISED IPHONE 5 FROM RANDOM RETAILERS. THEY COULD BE FAKE.

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